Our Story

In the beginning …

Established by Debbi Barrow in 2001, Mulberry Catering has brought fresh, local ingredients and the latest global food trends to events of all sizes around Jozi.

Debbi’s culinary experience is as varied as her palette. She started cooking professionally in London where she learnt the importance of working in close partnership with clients, developing custom-designed menus and using only the freshest ingredients, hand-picked suppliers and specialty stores.

Ever the perfectionist, utmost attention to detail is given to all aspects of every event, from décor and staffing to menu planning and food styling.

With a style that can only be considered as unpretentious, contemporary and rustic, Debbi focuses on ensuring each affair and every mouthful is a taste experience

 Flip the coin…

Along came Desi Ledl, business partner and food enthusiast (with a voracious appetite for delicious fare!) manages Mulberry’s business, event administration and client relationships.

With hospitality in his DNA, Desi understands the importance of building and nurturing ongoing relations with clients while developing high performance business teams.

By applying his BCompt. knowledge, and 13 years’ experience in various sectors of the corporate environment, he’s able to nurture innovative, practical business solutions, plus create and discover niche opportunities for client related services

And the culinary affair continues…


Going Green

Mulberry’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of catering includes a commitment to making our environment healthier. Our contribution to sustainability is realized in our day-to-day activities as we strive to become greener in both the preparation for and execution of events.

A few of our initiatives…

  • Analyzing orders and deliveries to maximize volume deliveries, reducing fuel consumption
  • Purchasing biodegradable cleaning agents and disposable goods whenever possible
  • Keeping production areas at minimum settings for heat and cooling when not in operation
  • Using recycled paper for all print jobs, recycling of toner and ink cartridges

Giving Back

We consider environmental awareness, social integration and reform, as well as the effect of our products on the health and well being of our customers. 

• ‘Eating’ closer to home...we make a conscious effort to support local artisans and businesses
• Donate, donate and donate - instead of tossing still functioning items, food stuffs and produce we gladly give to  
   those less fortunate
• Our green thumb rewards the kitchen with a sustainable herb garden using our organic by-products as compost


Our Beliefs

• Emphasizing quality in our service and food preparation
• Exhibiting an enthusiasm to customize our services to our clients’ needs
• Generating positive energy and respect with our clients and employees
• Being equitable and truthful in relations 
• Constantly striving to improve upon all that we do
• Increasing our efforts to be environmentally aware
• Maintaining a fundamentally sound business dedicated to growth and financial stability

Employment Equity Act

Mulberry is BEE compliant and voluntarily subscribes to the spirit of the Employment Equity Act


We are a proud member of the South African Chefs Association